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How to Care for the Poinsettia … Tenderly

The life of the poinsettia, if cared for properly during the holidays, can be extended throughout the year.

During the Holidays

  • When selecting a poinsettia, choose tightly clustered, small, central flowers with crisp and bright foliage.
  • When surface soil is dry to the touch, water thoroughly. Discard excess water in the saucer.
  • To prolong color, keep a temperature rage of 60 degrees for night and 72 degrees for day. High humidity is preferable.
  • Avoid cold drafts and protect from cold winds.

To Re-bloom for the Next Season

  • During winter, continue to follow holiday upkeep tips.
  • When bracts fade, cut back to eight inches.
  • Lightly fertilize every three to four weeks.
  • When temperatures are warm, place plant out-of-doors; first in indirect, then direct light. Avoid temperatures below 50 degrees throughout summer.
  • Cut back stems and branches twice during the summer. Repot if needed.
  • On Labor Day, move plant inside. Provide six or more hours of direct light.
  • From October 1 through mid-December, confine plant to darkness for 14 hours, giving it 10 hours of natural light. This will force the green bracts to color.


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